The Importance of a Well-Planned Board Meeting

A board meeting is an important strategic decision-making process for a company. It is a time to evaluate its performance in the past, participating in discussions, and approving plans of actions that support the organization through its various stages of growth. Often, these plans are for new policies, projects, or organizational expansions that require the coordination of various teams and departments within the company.

An organized agenda is vital for successful board meetings. This helps everyone be on the same page when discussing issues. This can also help reduce distractions such as irrelevant conversations and ineffective chatter. By adding an “parking lot” at the end of the agenda can be a great method of putting less important discussion subjects aside, allowing the most important issues to be discussed first.

It’s also vital that all attendees remain focused on the work at being completed. If an Board Member is interrupting other members or behaving in an inappropriate manner It is the Board Chair’s responsibility to restore the order. This could mean temporarily adjourning a meeting until the offending person gets calm, or permanently adjourning when the behavior continues to persist.

Creating and recording detailed minutes is essential to every board meeting. It’s the board secretary or minutes-taker’s responsibility to record every debate and decision in a way that’s easy to read and comprehend. This includes all details of motions, including the person who backed them or if they were voted on by the voice or by numbers. The minutes will contain the reason for every dissenting vote.

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