Business Tax Services

Corporation Tax

Our corporate tax accountants provide tax-planning advice to established businesses to ensure they continue to meet their statutory obligations efficiently. We help with;
  • Property tax
  • Tax advisory and due diligence
  • Partnership/profit sharing
  • Business/incorporation
  • Buying or selling businesses
  • Corporate tax self-assessment
  • Tax accounting
  • Compliance with URA and Customs requirements
  • Mergers​
  • Capital allowances reviews.

Whatever corporate tax challenge you are facing, we have the experience and the knowledge you need no matter how big or small you’re.

Partnership Tax

Partnerships face very specific issues relating to tax, particularly in the following area;

  • Profit share agreements
  • Ownership of partnership assets
  • Rules relating to incoming and outgoing partners

At Flip, our Tax consultants will assist Partnerships with compliance issues and with the more complex matters that concern the firm and the relating tax burden for the partners.


Flip Consultants will protect your position and ensure your venture is optimized for VAT by ensuring that accurate VAT returns are submitted. We will work with you to consider all the VAT matters that may impact your business now or in the future. Ensuring that we build a plan to minimize your exposure and cash flow. 

Our team of tax consultants will help to keep your VAT affairs in order, make sure your collecting the right amounts for each transaction, and ensure that you make payments and file returns correctly and on time

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Our VAT services include:

  • VAT Registration including Uganda VAT registrations
  • Preparing and filing VAT Returns
  • VAT planning and advice including construction projects, land and properties and capital expenditure
  • Dealing with VAT tax health checks
  • Accounting for the standard or cash basis for VAT
  • Partial exemption
  • VAT deregistration
  • VAT health check
  • VAT refunds


Our property tax experts provide specialist property tax services to landlords, property investors and property developers from our office in Uganda.

Our advice and cross-border investors and developers of real estate ensure that ownership is structured properly.  Our property tax specialists in Kampala, compliance services also provide us with an opportunity to understand your business and help you meet your business objectives. 

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The services we provide include:

  • corporation tax return filing and advice
  • tax treaty claims and advice
  • VAT advise and returns
  • Advice on acquisitions and disposals
  • Maximizing tax allowances on the construction, purchase or refurbishment of a property
  • Advice for directors, on tax benefits and income tax planning


Our consultants advise businesses on the tax consequences of expanding outside Uganda and overseas companies establishing branches or subsidiaries in Uganda.

Our international tax specialists provide practical tax advice to businesses on a wide range of cross-border tax issues, including transfer pricing, controlled foreign rules and holding company structures. For overseas companies, we can advise on the tax consequences of setting up in Uganda, including:
  • Whether they have a permanent establishment (taxable presence) in Uganda
  • Whether to operate through a branch or a subsidiary
  • How to finance Ugandan activities

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We also assist Ugandan companies with establishing branches and subsidiaries outside Uganda and with reducing withholding tax on overseas income.

Talking to Flip Consultants at an early stage means we can make sure you set up a structure that is right for you, taking into account your commercial objectives.

We also offer outsourcing services to support you in fulfilling your Uganda compliance and filing obligations.


The world of customs is complex and subject to significant changes and frequent uncertainties. Yet businesses, which trade internationally – whatever their size – must abide by ever-changing legal rules.

If you run a business that buys or sells goods, materials or ingredients, which cross Uganda’s borders, then Flip Consultants can give you the best possible platform for stable growth and profit. 

We support businesses on technical customs matters as they affect supply chains and compliance.

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Procedures to manage and control these areas of compliance can deliver cost savings as well as supporting a taxpayer’s status and minimizing the impact of any unwelcome intrusion in the event of compliance failure.

Our services include:

  • Authorize Economic Operator (AEO) Consultancy
  • Clearance Agent Management
  • Tariff Classification
  • Customs Valuation Review
  • Rules of Origin Consultancy
  • Customs Warehousing Consultancy


We support many existing legal and accountancy practices of all sizes.

Our tax specialists can provide tax advice by phone, online or face-to-face depending on your needs. We will stay in the background, respecting your client relationships.

Flip Tax consultants can provide as much or as little as you want. Projects can involve drafting correspondence or clearance applications; reviewing and commenting on documentation relating to the property or corporate acquisitions or disposals; attending meetings with you and your clients; preparing tax appeals and much more, provided it is related to tax.

Whenever possible, we will agree an up-front fixed fee with you so that you know exactly what charges will be incurred. Our tax advice and support are on-demand services.

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Our tax support for accountants include:

  • Exit or succession tax planning
  • Share incentives
  • Corporate tax advice for group and companies
  • Annual tax compliance (personal tax & business tax returns etc.)
  • Taxation due diligence
  • Transaction tax including demerger, hive-up/hive-down, reverse takeover, merger, restructuring
  • International tax advice
  • Employment mobility tax
  • VAT/SDLT/Stamp duty
  • Inheritance tax planning and trust tax
  • Capital allowances claim
  • Trust compliance


Flip Consultants helps ease the burden by taking care of all communication with URA, guiding and assisting you through the investigation process, negotiating the appropriate settlement on your behalf.

If you are the subject of a tax investigation, involved in a tax dispute or if you have any concerns about your tax affairs, we provide a discreet and comprehensive service that is tailored to meet your unique needs and protect your interests.

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We deal with tax enquiries raised into individuals, partnerships, corporations and trusts. Our tax investigation services will be based on your exact circumstances but can include:

  • Reviewing your tax position
  • Preparing disclosure reports
  • Working together with other professionals, such as your lawyers, to achieve a settlement on your behalf
  • Preparing for appeal hearings
  • Dealing with conflicts with URA
  • Negotiate your tax penalties