How to Use Remote Board Meeting Technology to Expand Your Board Membership

A board meeting that is remote presents a unique set of issues. However, it also offers flexibility and opportunities to expand the board’s membership. The key to successful remote meetings is the use of technology that lets your board members communicate clearly and efficiently. Before the meeting gets underway ensure that everyone is familiar with their microphones, software and cameras. This will enable your board to concentrate on the content of the meeting and lessen the time spent by technical problems.

Encourage your board to add notes, actions items and updates to the agenda of the meeting before the meeting. Then, you can use a digital scheduling tool like SavvyCal to find meeting times that work for everyone. This results in shorter meetings that are more focused and usually less stressful than in-person ones.

The ability to view each other in virtual meetings fosters stronger connections and improves collaboration. Adding video to your meetings also makes it easier to identify critical non-verbal cues from your board members. A smile can communicate excitement and enthusiasm, whereas an expression of frown, eyes rolling or a frowning face can signal displeasure, boredom or a sense of concern. It is also helpful to play an introductory video before each remote meeting to set the mood and remind participants what is expected of them during the call. In addition soliciting feedback at the end of each call will help to increase engagement and let your board members be aware that their opinions matter.

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