Dealing With Difficult Board Directors

Board members who are difficult to work with can pose a major challenge to effectiveness and cohesion of the board. It’s tempting to ignore the issue hoping that the person will change their ways or leave after their term is over however this is not the most effective approach. It’s more likely that this behavior will persist, and then become more evident. This will negatively impact the other board members, making it difficult for them to perform their responsibilities.

Direct intervention is a method to address difficult board members. Invite the person to an appointment with the chairperson, or someone they respect and who will listen to them, in order to discuss the reasons behind their behavior. Try to understand what motivates their behavior, for example an uneasy feeling of not being appreciated or heard by other board members. It is also essential to keep a clear end goal in mind, such as the behavior they are displaying needs to change, so that the conversation does not result in a fight or a conflict.

It is often beneficial to bring this issue to the attention other board members during a group meeting if the person cannot be addressed in a one-on-one discussion. This is an excellent opportunity for the chairperson to demonstrate that they appreciate the input of all board members and are not afraid to confront those who are causing trouble. behaviour. It is also important to keep track of the comments made in order to inform the group on any new information when you return to them.

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