Board of Directors Vs Advisory Board

There are some differences between an advisory board and a board of director in spite of the fact that both bring a lot of value to an organization. Boards are responsible to govern and direct an organization. An advisory board is able to offer business-oriented strategic advice that are based on their experiences and expertise. Additionally, a board of directors has specific legal obligations that require them to adhere to certain policies and rules, unlike an advisory board that is not.

It is essential to clarify the role of an advisory board when making it. This will prevent confusion and ensure that the organisation gets the most benefit of its advisory board members. This will also help to minimize the liability exposure of the advisory board members and for them as well. It’s a good idea to note this clarification in some way, whether through an agreement written in writing, a board resolution or company policy.

It is beneficial to have a goal in mind such an organization would like to establish an advisory board for purposes of strategic importance. This could be something as easy as identifying a group that an organization might be unable to get involved with or as complicated as providing business insight for a particular project.

An advisory board should consist up of a mix of people who are relevant to the mission of the organization. This could include former volunteers as well as members of the board of directors, or professionals from outside. When selecting their members organisations should take into consideration the qualifications of the person, their knowledge of their industry and their level of involvement in their mission. In addition, it’s crucial to determine if the member will commit to having regular meetings.

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