Best Finance Audiobooks

Financial audiobooks are a fantastic method of learning about finance while simultaneously multitasking. You can listen to these books while you drive or exercise, cook or even do your chores. Furthermore, listening to an audiobook can aid in retaining information more effectively than reading it. Audiobooks help you understand complicated concepts better due to the accent, tone and narration. These books on finance will teach you how to manage your finances to save money, invest, and earn passive income.

Best Finance Audiobooks

If you’re an investor who’s just starting out or an experienced professional, there are many personal investment and finance audiobooks to choose from. The best finance audiobooks provide you with a variety of perspectives and insights from experts. These audiobooks that range from classics such as Benjamin Graham’s introduction on value investing to more contemporary favorites like Vicki Robbin’s guidance on setting goals, will help you broaden your perspective.

These finance books are also ideal for teaching kids about finances and personal money management. Jasmine Paul teaches money and counting concepts to children aged between 4 and 8 years old in “Peeps Let’s Talk Money” with Marvelosissimo the Mathematical magician. This book introduces savings, delayed gratification and soliciting assistance in a playful, entertaining, and relatable manner.

For older kids and teens the best audiobooks for finance can help them navigate the more complicated world of personal finances. For instance, “The Big Short” is an engaging audiobook about the stock market crash that highlights the people who saw the coming crash in the housing market and made millions betting against it.

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