A Review of Windows Defender

If you’re looking for a low-cost, no-fuss security, you can’t get much better than the security suite that is built into Windows 10 and 11. It’s also known as Windows Security or Microsoft Defender and it comes with antivirus protection as well as an firewall, device monitoring, kid protection (you can control what your children can access online), and other features.

In addition to the standard malware detection, neutralization and prevention capabilities, it also includes a password management tool and anti-phishing tools. The firewall checks all connections, both inbound and outbound including Wi-Fi networks. It also comes with an option to allow you to look up the details of suspicious connections.

In our tests it did a decent job blocking the majority of harmful downloads and phishing websites. Its reputation-based protection system makes use of a huge database to assign websites and apps reputation scores. Programs with low scores are automatically blocked. In addition to this, it also offers protection against exploits to defend against attacks that try to change the settings of your computer.

It does a good job in general however it doesn’t have the malware detection rates that standalone competitors such as Norton and Bitdefender have. It does include an account manager for passwords, but it isn’t equipped with other useful features such as a PC optimizer or VPN. The options for customer support are extensive. There’s a vast community with extensive FAQs, forums, and multiple ways to contact tech experts via live chat or email.


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