Flip consultants Ltd was incorporated on March 27th 2017 under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 110) and was issued with a certificate of incorporation number 8002000113625 The registered office of the Company is located at  E-tower 6th Floor room F06  on Kampala road.

The Company has been licensed to carry on the business of taxation consultancy and Accounting services. The idea of forming a new Company came after a long thought and foresight on how best we can utilize our professional skills in the field of taxation with a desire to assist taxpayers and the public to improve their long-term tax compliance objectives and other tax matters related thereto. The act of establishing the Company is imbued with great expectations from our clients and all those who shall be associated with us. We are grateful to all those who assisted in kind and thoughts to model the Company in terms of infrastructure and establishing a formidable administration.

The distinguishing aspect of Flip results from the composition of its team, who have years of experience in tax, coupled with excellent relationship with the tax authorities. Services offered by the firm are characterized by their flexibility in approach and are tailored to meet clients’ individual needs. The company has been quite successful in creating tax / business solutions that are in line with clients’ business models.

Our clients range from corporations, partners of partnerships, sole proprietors, to the small scale business owners because each one of them at the end of the day is a tax payer.

At Flip, we view our clients as long term business partners, keeping in mind that those clients require professionals who take time to look at the nitty-gritty details of their business.

We approach the area of tax from a national and international perspective but close attention is paid to each assignment because based on our experience, we know that each client’s needs are peculiar; so we treat each one of them knowing that each has its own set of problems and advantages.

More to the above, we are a specialized firm that cuts across the market skilfully, often at competitive terms.

Flip Consultants Ltd currently serves over 50 clients in the East African area and worldwide and employs 7 people in the greater Kampala area. The Company has been identified by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) as a key partner in tax administration.